Let Twitter Bring Your Anniversary to Life

written on April 20, 2011 by Karen Malone Wright

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Is there a major anniversary approaching for your organization? What if the founder could describe the course of what he/she did 100 years ago? Use Twitter to tell the story in “first person”.  

If the company already has a Twitter account, consider opening a new one just for the anni.  @MyStore20 joins @MyStore, for example. Your customers don’t have to be regular Twitter users to see what's being tweeted -- visiting Twitter.com/YourAddress is one of several methods you can invite your audience to try.  

Whether you’re a Twitter newbie or not, sit back and watch the river of tweets by the people you follow.  They’re into conversation, not hard-sell blurts. They respect both brevity and wit:

Sample Tweet 1
20 Years Ago: Our store was 1st in the city to offer boiled eggs.  You can buy them today for $1.10, a 40% discount!

Sample Tweet 2
Moms know that Easter can be hard work! 20 yrs ago we were Denver’s 1st store to offer pre-boiled eggs. You’re welcome. http://www.EggCoupon.

By linking to a coupon, the second tweet doesn’t drain all the fun from the message. The addition of the city name expands your brand to potential customers elsewhere.